How to join?
Download the CorePool client, generate your token in dashboard, copy that into the client form, and start mining.
What is the payout threshold?
We are paying balance above 0.1 XCH, if your registration is older than 30 days
When are payouts scheduled?
Payouts are processed every day once, if we found a block in that time
How many points do i get after my different sized plots?
Farming with a normal k32 plot you get 1 plot point / minute, with a k33 you get 2 points and so on. The exact point's are: k32 = 1 point per minute, k33 = 2 points per minute, k34 = 4 points per minute, k35 = 8 points per minute
What are the pool and transaction fee?
Pool fee is 2%, and the transaction fee is 0 XCH.